Holy Land Poems

I’m currently working on a sequence of poems about Israel/Palestine based on on-the-ground research on a citizen delegation with the Compassionate Listening Project, my studies of the psychology of human rights abusers and trauma victims, my reading of Palestinian and Israeli poets and writers, and my own personal conflict as the grandchild of those who fought in the Israeli War for Independence on the one hand and a human rights advocate on the other.

Individual poems from the sequence have been published. “Napping in Jerusalem,” has been published by 24 Pearl: The Magazine and is available here, “When God Chose Love over Truth,” was published in Crab Orchard Review: 20 Years: Writing about 1995-2015, now available online here, “Not Seeing the Friend of God” was published in Scoundrel Time and is available here, and “On Arafat’s Yahrzeit” was published in HEArt Online Journal: Human Equity through Art and is available here.

Forthcoming are “Language Barrier” and “The Poet’s Wife” in Jewish Currents and “Gush Etzion Settler Speaks” and “The Settler’s Son Is Leaving” in Scintilla’s Patterns of Place special issue.