I love editing! Mostly I engage in academic editing, correcting grammar and sentence structure, improving the readability of the text, and editing for specific styles required by journals (such as APA). I love doing it because not only am I using my skills to help someone else get their work out into the world, but reading about research going on in different fields is fascinating. I tend to edit articles and dissertations in psychology, sociology, education, and other social science fields, but I’ve also recently edited several articles in engineering and computer science.

For each academic piece, I do a minimum of three editing passes: the first read is mostly for me to edit the easiest stuff and get my bearings, noting the different work that needs to be done. Then I do a deep edit, going through the text slowly and editing as I go. Then, depending on the client’s needs, I might do a number of other passes–for headings, citation style, or tables and figures; this round is optional. Finally, I print it out and, with fresh eyes (usually after a night’s sleep), proofread the article one last time on paper. (Printing it out always helps me catch those errors that are more difficult to recognize on-screen.)

I can also proofread reports and web content for those pesky errors that are so hard to find when you’re the writer! I’m a good last set of eyes! I see errors everywhere (except in my own writing, of course).

I wish I worked more with small business owners and entrepreneurs, proofreading their web content and marketing materials. So if that’s you, please get in touch! (Maybe we can swap services!)

If you’re interested in talking further about editing and proofreading or getting a sample edit, please contact me. I have reasonable rates and accept payment via Paypal and other arrangements.