I love editing! Sharing my gifts to help people get their work out into the world excites me! I copy edit poetry, line and copy edit memoir, proofread a range of genres, and engage in sentence-level editing, developmental editing, and other services on various kinds of academic and scholarly work.

I also do developmental editing on nonfiction manuscripts, focusing on big-picture issues such as audience, purpose, and arrangement. Here, I pay attention to and comment on how the pieces create a whole and whether there is anything missing. Each developmental editing project is different, so contact me and we can talk about your needs!

I can also proofread reports and web content for those pesky errors that are so hard to find when you’re the writer! I’m a good last set of eyes! I see errors everywhere (except in my own writing, of course).

If you’re interested in talking further about editing and proofreading or getting a sample edit, please contact me. I have reasonable rates and accept payment via Paypal and other arrangements.